At Bold Street Coffee, we are taking steps to reduce our effect on the environment as much as possible.

We’ll never claim to be perfect, but we believe that as long as we strive to reduce our waste, minimise our contributions to landfill, use more sustainable products and methods, and constantly ask ourselves how we can do more, we’ll be on the right track to helping the planet.

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In each of our Bold Street Coffee venues, we will be partnering with Decent Package to implement their ‘Full Package’ system to minimise landfill waste. ‘Full Package’ collection bins will be placed at the front of our sites, enabling anyone who has compostable packaging a place where they can dispose of it and trust that it is being composted.

As well as using Decent Package’s ‘Full Package’ system to reduce landfill waste, to ensure we are minimising waste in the venue is also by cooking food to order so there is reduced food waste from over-prepping.

At Bold Street Coffee, we use sustainable suppliers and products, keeping our plastic and single use products to a minimum. When we do use plastic or disposable products, we ensure they are compostable or biodegradable products. We choose our products meticulously to ensure that we work with sustainability conscious brand, with one of our main suppliers being Oatly, who are constantly making steps to being more carbon neutral.

We sell our own ‘Keep Cups’ (online and in-house) to minimise single use cups. Any guests who use their own cups, or our Bold Street Coffee Keep Cups, will get a 10% discount meaning that the cups will end up paying for themselves very quickly, incentivising guests to step away from single use cups.

Find out more about the Keep Cups ethos.

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We are also environmentally conscious with our Bold Street Coffee online shop, coming soon. Our delivery packaging will be fully recyclable, with products delivered in cardboard boxes with shredded, recycled cardboard for extra protection. Our own specialty coffee beans also come in coffee bags which are 100% recyclable. To maximise efficiency of our delivery drivers, we will only be delivering products once a week.

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